Are you ready for the next black belt level? Then you can take the test at the IMAF European Seminar 2015 for 4th Dan or above.

In order to take the test at the seminar you must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. You must have passed the previous graduation the minimum number of years ago

  1. You must contact IMAF in your home country

  1. You local Branch Director or Regional Director must fill out the "Promotion Recommendation" and "Promotion Registration" forms for you

  1. The application forms must be with IMAF HQ/Kokusai Budoin no later than three (3) months before the test 

  2. You must send a copy of the forms to IMAF Denmark no later than 15 September 2015

In order to fulfil the examination formula, all Examination Recommendation Forms must be completed and submitted three months prior to the exam date. We will try to help if you are registering after this deadline, but we cannot guaranteed that it is possible. 

Please observe you must pay the JPY 8.000 testing fee either in advance via your local IMAF branch or in cash on the seminar. The testing fee is paid no matter if you pass or not.

For testing up to 5th Dan you can pay for the degree right after the test if you pass.

For testing to 6th Dan and above the test must be approved by IMAF HQ/Kokusai Budoin. You do not have to pay for the degree until it has been approved.


Do you want to make a black belt test at the IMAF European Seminar 2015?

Register first - and then make sure the formalities are being handled.

You can only make a test if you are registered at the seminar and if you have registered you with to make the test with IMAF Denmark before the seminar.

Registration for IMAF European Seminar 2015